" Feels like Christmas every time I get a package from Sprynklezz. The most luxurious sprinkles and I'm delighted to be a part of their family 🥰 "


" I absolutely love all of the sprinkles available at sprynklezz. Seriously, you keep impressing me with products. From the aesthetics, colour palette and taste. The high quality is unmatched with the excellent customer service. "


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To Sprynklezz!

I just wanted to start of by saying when I first purchased my gold set of pearls I was in awe w the shine the characteristics of the pearl nothing else compares to it in the market I’ve bought during my baking career many gold pearls but this is something else 😍 okay it’s one thing the pearls is beautiful but the customer service even better honestly such a friendly soul behind the business I would do anything to support them!!! Thank you for making my cakes that extra beautiful 🤍🤍

oh and the topper?! Let’s not start the topper looked like it was coming to life love the 2d effect of it and ofc matching my cake so perfectly cannot recommend enough!!

Love @Emsfinedine ⚜️